The most difficult threat that glass and framing systems have to counter is that of explosion. It can be deliberate in the form of an act of terrorism or accidental in the form of an industrial explosion.

Possibly, more than in any other area of safety and security glazing, explosion resistance requires that the structure into which the door and framing systems are installed matches performance of the doors and frames.

Working with system manufacturers who have tested their systems under rigorous testing regimes, we are able to offer frames and doors that provide different levels of protection against both types of explosion.

Explosion resistance is, technically, a very demanding field of operation and, for this reason, we often work with external specialists. They can examine all relevant data and advise on the effects of different types of explosion, amount of explosives and detonation distance to ensure that glazing system and structure stay in place to protect the occupants in the event of an explosion. The explosion resistant systems are available in both aluminium and steel. A wide range of powder coated finishes are available.


Wherever glazing is used to provide protection against explosion, either accidental or deliberate; including:

• Office & industrial buildings
• Military installations
• Police stations
• Prisons
• Customs & Excise
• Crown courts
• Magistrates courts
• Airports
• Refineries
• Industrial processing plants
• Embassies
• Hospitals
• Guardhouses
• Banks
• Financial institutions
• Private residencies

* Please consult sales office for latest updated information regarding latest tested sizes.
** Please consult sales office for field of application report, giving permitted glazing sizes.
*** This product is manufactured to size and cannot be cut after production.
**** Other thicknesses 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 19mm also available.


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