Smokestream passive glazed smoke curtains form a permanent barrier to control the spread of smoke.

It has been tested to the BS476 Standard to ensure that it maintains integrity and insulation, whether subjected to hot or cold smoke.

The smokestream system combines a modified, toughened fire resistant glass, Pyrocet, with a glazing system designed and tested to provide a permanent passive smoke curtain.

It is suitable for installation in new or existing buildings where smoke control is a requirement.


Type Description Thickness Max size Weight
(mm) (mm)* (kg/m²)
Smokestream Pyrocet pre-drilled with two, three or four holes depending on pannel size. 6**** 3200 x 2000 15

* Please consult sales office for latest updated information regarding latest tested sizes.
** Please consult sales office for field of application report, giving permitted glazing sizes.
*** This product is manufactured to size and cannot be cut after production.
**** Other thicknesses 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 19mm also available.


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