We offer a range of security products which are made-to-measure in order to protect property against direct attack including methods such as drilling, cutting or levering, providing piece of mind that property and valuables remain safe.

GAME has built its solid reputation from manufacturing doors, windows and grilles for HMP Prisons (GAME are MOJ approved) which are of the highest quality; the expertise and skills of supplying to this sector are transferrable for the safeguarding of Banks, Hospitals, Schools, Building Societies, ATM Rooms, Retail Premises, Strong Rooms, Cash Office Rooms in major supermarkets, ensuring property, possessions and individuals remain safe, even under the most demanding circumstances.

GAME provide a wholly integrated solution to the client’s individual and specific requirements; taking into account size, location and level of security required. All doors, windows and grilles are manufactured on-site and are fully inspected to ensure high levels of quality throughout the manufacturing process.

Our team of engineers will be happy to discuss any requirements you may have on a no obligation basis, please contact us on 01522 868 021 or fax 01522 868 027, alternatively e-mail or

Products include: