GAME Security design, manufacture and supply a range of Fire/Ballistic/Anti-Bandit/Timer and Steel Glazing with approval from the Ministry of Justice which ensure the protection and defence of individuals and property. Our Product Range includes:

  • Fire Rated
  • Safety Security / Physical Attack
  • Bullet Resistant
  • Bomb Resistant
  • High Security Glass

Examples of where our glazing can be utilised include hospitals, bank/cash houses, secure units, enhanced residential homes, remand centres, drug rehabilitation units, custodial facilities to name but a few.

We can also offer either single or double glazed, solar control, sandblasted and tinted glass as optional extras.

The Product Range Includes:

  • GSE-SSFG-63 EXPLOSION RESISTANT- The most difficult threat that glass and framing systems have to counter is that of explosion. It can be deliberate in the form of an act of terrorism or accidental in the form of an industrial explosion.  ...